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Our Services

Searching the perfect boat

Our Technicians inspect, check, take numerous pictures and write their reports on the real conditions of the boats offered by American Dealers, Brokers or private owners. Our technicians normally talk with the owners and get from them  important details of the boat history, service & maintenance records.

Port of Baltimore. Source: Wikipedia.

Exporting the boat…

Our Export Personnel search & define the best alternative (affordable & reliable) to  deliver the boats and other merchandise  overseas. They also issue de paperwork for export purposes  and maintain customer informed during all the export process.

IT&B CHILE boats Catalog

From our catalog or we search it…

Boats Catalog: We do have our own internal catalog with a lot of boats to choose from. If customers don’t find what they are looking for, we can find it for them.

For Latin American buyers, please visit IT&B CHILE boats catalog. Click here to enter the website.

From direct purchase

We can also coordinate the logistic, delivery and all PAPERWORK for those who prefer to buy directly through E-Bay, Amazon or other sources. Also, if you find a boat you like and agree the final price directly with the seller, you can buy directly or let us handle the purchase buying the boat under your name and delivering it to your country. In this case we also will inspect & check the boat for you prior to buy it. (*)

In this case, we strongly recommend to buy from sources not further than 250 miles from our location, (Wilmington, DE 19801) in order to avoid increases in costs, due to distance.

(*): Please contact us to inform you our fees for that service.